we are not only a factory to offering lighting products, but also your long term cooperation partner based on our full experiences and well material supply chain management, we will have competitive lighting solution, price control, quality control & delivery time control.
if you have a new lighting idea, feel free to contact us, we will help you to reliable.
HILED R&D team is always ready for you. 

Marketing Support

HiLED keeps developing competitive led lighting solution based on market research, we are together with customer to win projects and make up market. 
We will support customer to have efficient online or offline marketing support to promote customer's branding, such as: full certificate, datasheet, pictures, exhibition cooperation, etc...

Customized Lighting Solution

We have 10 Years experience for lighting industry. with our strong R&D ability and supplier resource, we can develop the lighting solution together with customer based on market. 
we have full developing lighting solution step for optical design, function design, structure design, to ensure the whole solution is reliable and shorten the developing time, including opening mold, sample confirm and first mass production. 
Developing Process: PDN - DVT -  EVT - PP - MP